The SmarK Rant for USWA Challenge–05.15.90

The SmarK Rant for USWA Challenge – 05.15.90

Taped from Dallas, TX

Your hosts are Craig Johnson & Percy Pringle III

USWA tag titles: Sweet Daddy Falcone & Brickhouse Brown v. The Southern Rockers

The Rockers (Rex King & Steve Doll, aka the future Well Dunn) clean house on the champions to start and work Falcone over in the corner. King is skinny but RIPPED here, much more so than the average look he would revert to in the WWF. So weird to just hear Pringle doing a normal voice on commentary. The Rockers work Falcone’s arm, but Doll gets caught in the heel corner and Brickhouse overpowers him. Bodypress misses and King gets a DDT for two before falling victim to the heels again. King makes a comeback and cleans house, and we take a break. Back with Doll now working Brown over with a kneedrop for two and King grinds a headlock on him. Over to Falcone, who looks like a balding Brutus Beefcake, but King dominates him as well with a suplex and elbow for two. Finally the heels manage to cut off King and Brown gets a neckbreaker and goads Doll in. Falcone misses a middle rope legdrop, onto a huge knee brace no less so that had to suck for him, and it’s hot tag Doll. Doll gets a small package on Falcone for two, but Brown grabs his manager’s cane and knocks Doll out to retain at 11:27. Solid tag team match, although Craig Johnson is TERRIBLE on commentary, clichéd and overenthused. ***

Stunning Steve Austin v. Gentleman Chris Adams

This was the feud that caught fire for Austin, as they did the great angle where Adams trained Austin and then had his student turn on him and STEAL HIS WIFE. Well, ex-wife, to be fair. Maybe he should have changed his name to Kylo Ren? Adams charges in and sprays hairspray in his face, but Austin gets it and nails him with it to take over. Austin beats on him outside the ring and back in for a flying splash that misses, and Adams makes the comeback with a superkick. They head to the floor again and have another crazed brawl, with Adams giving us a bit of “chair-usury” in the words of Johnson. Adams suplexes him back in, but Jeannie hooks the leg and Austin ends up on top at 4:32. Adams tries for his comeback, but Jeannie sprays him with hairspray again (“It says right on the label not to get it anywhere near the eyes!”) and they fight to the back. Fun and energetic match. **1/2

Meanwhile, Bill Dundee interrupts a John Tatum squash match, handcuffing him to the ropes and molesting Tatum’s valet Miss Tessa until he agrees to a title match.

Southern heavyweight title: Hollywood John Tatum v. Superstar Bill Dundee

Dundee takes him down a couple of times as Tatum hides in the ropes and complains about having his tights pulled. Miss Tessa looks like Roller Girl at her low point. We take a break and return with Tatum yelling at Tessa before heading back into the ring. Dundee continues slugging away as Tatum is still stalling, but he finally gets a cheapshot to take over and superkicks him to the apron. Dundee comes back, but the ref is bumped and Tatum knocks Dundee out with Tessa’s purse to retain at 9:32. Really, all three matches ending with managerial interference? **

Meanwhile, Matt Borne beats up sickly young Chris Von Erich to set up a match with Kerry Von Erich next week. Man, Chris didn’t even look like he belonged anywhere near a wrestling ring. He looked small and frail and might have been fine as a referee, but not a worker.

Much better show than the first one I watched.