Scott, here’s some random questions for you……..

1. Now that a little time has passed, where do the Sasha Banks vs Baylee matches from NXT rank? I’m not saying they should be considered the greatest of all time, but they sure did something special with their matches at Brooklyn & Respect

2. Is it to soon to consider Shaemus’s recent title run as one of the worst and/or most pointless of all time?

3. Have you ever reviewed Unforgiven 2006? It’s a stacked card with Cena vs Edge tlc, Trish Stratus vs Lita in Trish’s retirement match, and a DX vs McMahons hell in a cell. I’d be interested in what you think.

Told you these were random questions!

​1. I dunno, they were both pretty great. I had the first one in my top 5 matches for the year, at least, and the second would also be in the top 10.

2. It was too short to be the worst, but as far as tanking business in a hurry it’s up there. It was certainly useless, acting as a transition from Roman to Roman that was completely needless and just served to piss off the paying customer.

3. I’ve never reviewed the show, although I did the DX v. McMahons match on the DX DVD set and then again on the Hell in a Cell DVD set.

Impressive randomness!​