The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling–08.04.84

The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 08.04.84

Taped from Shreveport, LA

Your hosts are Jim Ross & Joel Watts


Bill Watts is outraged that an American wrestler lost at the Olympics due to a bunch of boardroom nonsense, and he’ll never overturn a victory in the ring due to videotape. So we relate this story to the TV title as Watts notes that Dr. Death may have stolen the TV title medal from Terry Taylor, but he won’t reverse the decision. However, he plays tape from last week where Doc promises to return the title to Taylor if he can beat Krusher Khruschev, and since that happened Watts takes the back from Williams and gives it to Taylor. Good match between Taylor and Darsow, too. And in fact, Watts is personally disappointed in Williams.

Hercules Hernandez v. Rocky Smith

Herc is managed by Jim Cornette at this point and looking so jacked that he’s obviously trying for a WWF job. Rocky Smith is the jobber better known as Rocky King in NWA. Herc pounds away and gets a neckbreaker, then finishes with the cobra sleeper at 1:45.

Bill Watts discusses the history of wrestling feuds and gimmick matches with Sonny King, who got taken out by a 2×4-wielding Hercules a couple of weeks back. Watts is just disgusted by the lack of rules and regulations, so it’s now a $10000 fine if anyone brings lumber or tennis rackets or other weapons into the ring. Sonny promises to return from his injury, but in fact that wasn’t the case and he retired after this.

The Fantastics v. Bob Owens & Tim Horton

The Fantastics quickly double-team Horton and finish him with a slam into a Rogers flying splash at 1:00. I barely even had time to make jokes about Horton’s name and how everyone in Canada honors him by giving gift cards in his name at Christmas!

Steve Williams v. Rick McCord

Williams overpowers McCord and whips him around the ring. It’s pretty hilarious how much Dave Meltzer used to bust on Williams in the Observer from here until about 1990, openly calling him terrible on a weekly basis. Doc finishes with the Oklahoma Stampede at 2:00.

Mid-South Tag team titles: The Midnight Express v. Junkyard Dog & Hacksaw Duggan

So Khruschev comes out during Cornette’s opening spiel and Jim stops to give Hercules a big wad of cash before both guys leave for the back, which will I’m sure pay off for nefarious purposes later. Dog throws Bobby around to start and chases him away with headbutts, then Duggan pounds on Condrey in the corner. Duggan drops a knee for two and tosses Bobby over the top to reinforce that it’s a no-DQ match. Back in, Duggan drops an elbow while the announcers wonder where Hercules got to, anyway? Dog comes in and wins a test of strength with Condrey and a headbutt gets two, but finally Bobby cheats and turns the tide. Duggan quickly gets the hot tag and it’s BREAKING LOOSE IN TULSA, but Cornette throws powder in Dog’s general direction, “blinding” him. Kudos to Dog for covering the blown spot by crawling into the powder pile to make sure some got on his face. The ref is bumped and Duggan beats on Cornette while Dog is recovering, but Hercules runs in with the coal miner’s glove (purchased from Khruschev off-screen), waffles Duggan, and Bobby gets the pin to retain at 7:51. ** You see, Watts banned boards, chains and chairs, but no one said anything about GLOVES.

Buddy Landell & Krusher Khruschev v. The Pretty Young Things

I can only assume that since it’s 1984 and the PYTs are dressed like Michael Jackson, the muted music choice should be obvious. The PYTs are Koko B Ware and Norvell Austin, who was actually part of the original version of the Midnight Express in Memphis. The PYTs double-team Landell, but Austin walks into a stungun before making a hot tag to Koko with time on the show about to run out, and they brawl until time expires at 3:00.