Reigns over authority makes sense

I understand the booking sucked for a lot of the year on reigns and also understand that most of the IWC would rather Rollins still be around or Kevin owens to get his shot. But as much as that is all valid, at least it feels like it makes sense in terms of reigns demolishing the people that were a big reason for his failures. Revisionist history will have wwe claim that, much like with Daniel Bryan, this was their intention all along, which we know is b.s.

But it’s interesting that (I think, I could be wrong) Roman is the only guy ever to have two money in the bank cash-ins against him in the same calendar year. Idk if that’s right,but i don’t recall it happening before. In reality of course it’s due to his not being over enough…but in storyline, it’s apropo.
He gets fucked several times, loses it, and runs roughshod on the authority. The fans present last Monday probably sensed all that as the moment happened and incredibly, perhaps even sadly to diehards, it really made roman look good in relation to the story his character has lived.
I know that as a doubter of the push I didn’t really think of his character’s troubles beyond just not being over with fans; but in kayfabe, he’s had it tough.
All I know is I was ready to give this/him a chance when they were building to Rollins reigns at survivor series because it felt like the right match at the right time.

Happy new year, Scott.
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Survivor Series was definitely the time to pull the trigger on him. Really the next month was just two steps back and then the post-TLC stuff was throwing everything at the wall to get back to where they started again. Had he won the tournament, stopped the Sheamus cash-in, and then beat the crap out of HHH in retaliation for even trying to get all up in his shit, then he’d be in the same place and wouldn’t have the stink of Lugerism on him. ​