Why Yokozuna ?

I understand at the time the WWF was going through transitional period trying to get themselves as far away from steroids as possible. But why Yokozuna ? The guy couldn’t talk, his matches looked like they were worked in slow motion, but he was smashed over. Why not Undertaker ? Why not Kamala if we’re going the route of fat guy? What was it Vince saw in Yokozuna that he didn’t see in anyone else at the time. I remember being a 9 or 10 year old kid and not really being impressed with the guy then. BONSAI !

​Dude, we’re talking about the Big Dog today, not other members of the Samoan family. Kayfabe, bro.

And Yoko was a pretty good worker for his size who was a big scary heel monster at a time when business was down. When business goes down, Vince goes to the big guys. ​