Reigns and His Reign

Regarding Reigns winning the belt:

1. Why bring Vince out when they could just have Roman beat up Steph? Would be far more effective than blowing their wad on Vince finally coming back onto TV to have him just beat Steph up in a one sided fight with Reigns brutalizing her like she was Brian and Reigns was Quagmire, on a roaring rampage of revenge because his dad-mom had sex with a dog Glenn thinks is worse than Hitler.

2. What’s the move going forward for Reigns? They have to keep him a bad-ass in order to prevent people from booing him but they have no compelling heels that fans would pay to get the shit kicked out them. And since they need to keep Reigns off the mike for his own good, they can’t do any major storylines with the guy. Just have him beat up Sheamus for a couple of months? Sacrifice Wyatt or New Day to Reigns? Or bring HHH full time and let him be Reign’s punching bag? Or will they repeat what they did with Brock Lesner and keep Reigns off TV for the bulk of the time now that he has the belt, to try and build suspense for whenever he DOES show up and wrestle, every couple of months?

3. Cynical theory time: anyone think they might actually have decided to just say "fuck it, Reigns is a lost cause" and gave him the belt now, because A. Vince promised him a title reign and unlike with Punk, Reigns is the guy Vince will move heaven and earth "to do right by"? B. They are going to put the belt on Cena ASAP when he’s back and they are going to turn Reigns heel first thing when Cena returns to TV, to facilitate it?

​Now there’s the Jesse we know and love.

I think the play is HHH winning the Royal Rumble, leading up to Reigns v. HHH (with Vince and Steph in his corner) at WM with the most stacked odds possible for poor Roman to overcome. ​