Reigns Title Victory

Hey Scott,

Am I the only one who sees Reigns winning the belt now–before the Royal Rumble–as a huge blunder? Fans are supposed to look at whoever wins the Rumble as someone who will go on to win the belt at WrestleMania. They are basically serving up a 30-man buffet of choices for the fans to get behind and back in beating Roman at Mania. They think he gets boos now? How is he going to do against the guy who the fans (presumably) cheer on to victory at the Rumble? Hell, fans now have over a month to debate who they think should win and go on to beat Reigns at Mania. Meanwhile how does Roman escape not eating a Pedigree from Triple H at some point in the not-too-distant future? Do they really think the fans are just going to accept Reigns now, and look forward to him having a cracking good match against whoever wins the Rumble? Really?

​I’m just glad they got the damn belt off Sheamus. And hey, you can’t say they’re not trying to make Roman into a top guy by any means necessary. He has the ball now, so if he can’t get over by beating up HHH and Vince and then winning the title, then you can say it’s time to pull the plug for good. I think the thinking was just that ratings were so desperately low, especially with Smackdown moving next month, that they had to do SOMETHING big to kick off the new boom period they so desperately need.​