Owens/Ambrose TLC

Not to get all Jim Ross-y, but shouldn’t the "face" announcers (Cole/Lawler) be in favor of the rules (e.g.: rope breaks) being followed? By my old-school estimation, the outcry on the part of the announce team ("if you can count s finger on the ropes…") should be limited to the heel announcer when the *face* avoids the pinfall, right?

​They don’t even technically have a heel announcer, which makes it even more frustrating to try and figure out who’s supposed to be getting outraged about what. Plus usually the heat on that spot isn’t from the heel getting into the ropes to break up a pin, it’s the babyface getting a supposed pin on the heel only to have the ref immediately wave it off because the cowardly heel put his foot on the ropes. In this case, the rule (as much as wrestling has "rules") says that the ropes are out-of-bounds and any body part touching it breaks up the pin. So yeah, it was a dumb spot. ​