More Roman!!!!

Roman "The Big Dog Juggernaut" Empire"

Ok so really I’m sure it’s hard to book when you possibly are getting vetoed by the boss constantly. But as far as I can remember, if the fans are pretty much neutral on a guy, then don’t tend to suddenly back the guy just because, & especially because, he’s getting shoved down are throat. For fans to truly accept a guy it has to be mostly organic….Austin, Rock, Foley, Punk, Batista & Bryan, probably the greatest example.
So with Reigns now clearly flopping, don’t you have to turn him to save any kind of credibility? A different rout for Reigns could have been the Batista template. But really once a guy kills it as a villain, the fans start to cheer him…..Savage, Austin & again Bryan & Punker.
So… this point with a super strong heel run could Reigns be saved, & with all that’s happened would the fans ever support him knowing that the end game is still the same, getting Reigns to the top?
And can’t they build up a new face, kinda Bryan style, an underdog fighting against the system/a corporate Reigns? Use that feud to get TWO guys over? Ambrose would slide into that role perfectly. This Reign experiment as been exhaustingly awful I legit can’t watch anymore.

​So Roman Reigns is a flop as a top guy and they should have turned him at Survivor Series? Hot take, bro.​