A big reason why wrestling is boring now

This may upset you(or the Doom Buggies if it gets posted), but I’ve realized

there’s a HUGE reason I get bored so easily by WWE these days….it’s too

Watching guys do a series of moves, I realized it just looked fake and
scripted. Yes, I know pro wrestlng/sports entertainment IS fake and scripted.
But it can just look TOO scripted and worked out.

How many real fights would two guys just do a series of moves, each one
leading into another move which leads into another move which leads into
another move….? How many real fights if a guy gets his opponent in a corner
is he going to do a rana? How many real fights if a guy puts his head down,
wouldn’t the other guy just kick him in the head?

It’s all too slick, too fake-looking. Now here’s my bit that may upset
some….the best wrestlers of all time for me are guys like Hogan. Why?
Because their fights actually looked like two guys who want to be​at​
the hell
out of each other, two guys who want to WIN the match, two guys who choke,
bite, punch, kick, anything to hurt the other guy and get their hand raised at
the end of it. And yes, in a real fight between two guys who hate each other,
there will be choking, there will be hair-pulling, and there will be moments
when the guy is so riled up he does the "wrong" move, rather than the slick
"****" one.

Today’s matches don’t look like two guys who hate each other, and want to win
a match against their hated rival. It looks like two colleagues who want to
put on a slick-looking athletic display. You seldom get the feeling that it’s
two adversaries fighting, it’s far too polished for that. No, it’s two
entertainers performing a choreographed routine. That may be fine for watching
gymnastics or the circus, but pro wrestling is supposed to be worked fighting,
not worked dance routines. If it’s just two guys going out and doing a series
of slickly-rehearsed moves with no sense of animosity, and no sense of
REALISM, then I’m changing the channel. There’s a reason guys like Hogan,
Stone Cold etc. are the biggest draws of all time, and the smiling pretty boys
who can do high-flying stuff never came close to that.

​You lost me at "The realism of Hulk Hogan matches", sorry.​