The Blueprint On How To Build A Star: Conor Mcgregor

I’m an equal parts mma fan and wrestling fan(well not recently). As I sit here and fully immerse myself into the buildup of the Aldo/ McGregor I can’t but sit in awe and appreciate the booking of Dana White, the man has brilliantly laid the foundation of an absolute megastar. Tomorrow night McGregor is either going to win and be the hottest thing since sliced bread in the world or he’ll lose and in the process give the rub to the best p4p fighter on the planet who has had a difficult time getting over because of his boring persona. Either way, after tomorrow night the UFC is going to cash in and show the doofs in sports entertainment how its done.

I won’t ask the basic same old question that everyone asks and no one has answers to like why the hell is this so hard for the wwe to understand basic star building and booking? But rather my question is this, years ago when Vince finally got around to figuring out that UFC was a real thing, Dana and Vince had a meeting, do you have any idea what was discussed ? I can’t believe that a real fighting company has figured out, executed and exceeded the wrestling company in how to properly book a champion 101

​Yeah, but Sheamus was wearing a suit last week and he’s also Irish, so that’s totally the same thing, right? ​