Royal Rumble odds

Hey Scott,

Was looking at Royal Rumble Winners odds at Paddy Power (Bookmakers in UK and Ireland) and they have the latest odds as:

Brock Lesnar 21/10 (Favourite)
Dean Ambrose 13/5 (2nd Favourite)
Daniel Bryan & Kevin Owens both 11/2 (5 and half to 1)
Roman Reigns 6/1
John Cena 7/1
Randy Orton 12/1
Undertaker 14/1
Sheamus 16/1
Finn Balor 18/1
HHH 18/1
Mr.Mcmahon 33/1
Paige 40/1
Baron Corbin 50/1

Not sure if your a betting man. But them odds for Roman Reigns and John Cena are a little long aren’t they? And no odds for Seth Rollins,or am I just being silly there.

Anyway,thought I share this.


​Dean Ambrose would be a sucker bet. If they were gonna do anything with him, they would have done it at Survivor Series. Rollins isn’t coming back and neither is Orton. If I had money, which I don’t, I’d put it on Brock or Reigns and no one else. ​