Nxt vs mainstream product


I am currently at the NXT show in Sheffield, England. Everyone is crazy over, heels are ‘over’ with the appropriate amount of scorn. Yet when the promo for the TLC ‘special event’ is shown, it’s met with universal angry boos. How has the single surviving major international wrestling promotion fallen to the point that it’s flagship product has become an icon of derision and negative heat? And by people who are still willing to pay for elements of their product?

​I will say although everyone is so hot on an NXT invasion of RAW, I think the money is a RAW invasion of NXT. The Eva Marie character has become such a nuclear heat magnet due to the real world frustrations of the fans that you could actually turn some of the RAW midcard geeks into giant drawing cards by NXT standards. Can you IMAGINE what would happen if they sent Roman Reigns down there and had him start plowing through guys on the way to the NXT title? People would RIOT. It would be awesome!

But yeah, it’s such a weird dynamic that WWE has built up now, where they’d kind of building their own competition by accident. It’s completely unique, that’s for sure.​