Reigns and Ratings

Two questions:

1- Besides being a juggernaut what is Roman Reigns gimmick exactly?

The best stars you can usually sum up in a few words and they have entrance music that matches their gimmick. Reigns has generic music and wears riot gear. How would you even sum him up to someone who has never watched wrestling?

He’s the Big Dog! Look at his meaty thighs, pal!

Yeah, I got nothing.

2- What could be a breaking point for Vince to give up creative control?

Reigns wins title at Wrestle Mania and the fans pelt the ring with garbage while chanting "Fuck you Vince" ? Or Raw ratings drop below 2.0 ?

Literally, his death or otherwise incapacitation (if that’s a word) is probably going to be the only thing to rip him away from controlling the product at all times. And the rating was 2.13 on Monday, so we’re already dangerously close to dropping below 2.0 as it is.