HHH’s Takeover conference call


Normally these are pretty much background fluff, but I’m really getting sick of hearing the company line about how guys like Finn Balor can’t get called up "without a plan for them", even though they’re decimated by injuries right now.

First up, what is the POINT of developmental if it’s not to develop guys for situations exactly like this one? Are they waiting until he turns into the perfect wrestler before they bring him up to RAW and destroy him? They have 75 guys under contract in NXT right now! Start exporting Balor and Joe and Gable and Jordan and Cass and Enzo and then develop new guys! That’s the whole friggin’ point of the system!

Second, what exactly was the plan for Tyler Breeze after they let him rot down there for 3 years? Were they like "Tyler, we have a great idea for you: We’ll stick you in a midcard feud with Dolph Ziggler where you get no promo time and then lose a bunch of matches before we get bored of you and move onto someone else"? Or what was the big plan for Sasha Banks when they brought HER up? Or the Ascension? In fact, you could argue that the entire system has been a dismal failure at doing anything that it was actually supposed to be developing. I guess Paige turned out OK, but that was despite NXT and not because of it. Neville is in a far worse position now, as is Bo Dallas, as is Adam Rose. God knows what they’ll do with someone like the Vaudevillains or the Mechanics, whose gimmicks won’t even translate outside of Full Sail and who are too small to get a shot anyway.

Finally, did I miss when this suddenly became such an exacting science in the first place? At what point did wrestling become about "having a plan" for someone? This is the company that can’t even advertise a main event for their main show until 5 segments into it! Here’s a plan: Bring up a guy, have him win a bunch of matches in a row, challenge the champion to a fight, and then do a match on PPV for that title with both guys cutting promos leading up to that PPV where they both explain how much they want to win that fight. There’s your fucking plan!

God, this company. I can’t even sometimes.