signature bump

Good morning, Scott –

I was watching the 1999 Royal Rumble with The Rock and Foley’s “I Quit” match, and it featured Foley’s signature bump of being whipped into the steps and cutting a flip. What are (in your opinion) some of the most iconic or best signature bumps?

Flair’s flop and failed top-rope attempts have to be up there – any others? I also like the Rock’s selling of the Stunner (even though others think it may be corny).

​My favorite is the way the ratings go flying down the toilet every time Sheamus appears on screen.

Bret’s running turnbuckle bump is great. I’m also a noted fan of Marty Jannetty taking a clothesline and doing a 360 somersault off it. Mr. Perfect could also take a mean clothesline bump until his back got destroyed. ​