Reigns & Ambrose as tag champs

Hey Scott,

It’s certainly too late now, but say Reigns lost to a healthy Rollins at Survivor Series and was taken out of the title scene for a while. Could WWE have packaged him and Ambrose as a tag team whose focus was on the tag titles, with actual wrestling gear and no team name, just Reigns and Ambrose? If they chased New Day for a few months, then spent a few months as champs, would there be a chance in there to build Roman up slowly to the main event?

​Literally anything would probably be better than their strategy thus far. I can’t recall many World title feuds that were more ice-cold than this one and it’s making Reigns looks like less and less of a star every day. And he’s going to lose to Sheamus at TLC! In what universe is it supposed to make anyone care about him? ​