BoD Daily Update

Brock Lesnar Advertised for Another Episode of RAW

Lesnar is advertised to appear on the February 8th episode of RAW, which is from Seattle.



Family Escorted From Smackdown Tapings After Yelling Racial Slurs

At last night’s Smackdown Tapings in Jacksonville, FL, two young boys called Roman Reigns the “n-word” during his entrance, prompting the other fans making comments. The boys mother did not take well to her sons being criticized and began to yell at the fans, accusing them of taping and taking photos of her kids. Security removed the family from the arena when they saw they were causing a commotion and were the source of the problems.



Next Set of NXT Tapings at Full Sail Announced

The next set of NXT TV tapings will be held at Full Sail on January 7th.



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