Cesaro: US-muslim poster boy?

This may not fit into the McMahon’s vision of Americana but could they use this League of Nations angle to mirror the current US/muslim politics going on and push Cesaro in a non-crass and exploitative way!? (never thought I’d type that sentence!)

All the locker room are suspicious of him being a European. Is he going to turn on them, join the faction etc. Have him essentially bullied and be mistrusted by everyone. Then he can stand up for himself, win the day and show he’s his own man, making his way on the American dream!

​That was actually, believe it or not, the original character for Muhammad Hassan back in 2004 when they introduced him. He was a part of a supposed terrorist minority and everyone unjustly accused him of things based on his heritage and not his actions. And then that flopped so they just made him a mad bomber who tried to kill Undertaker instead. ​