WCW 1990

Hey Scott.
Just been watching Starrcadefrom 1990 and wanted ask a couple of questions about it please.
When was Flair asked to be black scorpion? Was it just weeks or days before starrcade?
Did they ever explain on tv if Flair was the black scorpion how he managed all the black magic stuff?
How did Dick the bruiser get involved
as the special ref?

​Flair was asked basically at the last minute, only a couple of days beforehand. They had been trying to come up with a Black Scorpion for months with no luck and then just stuck Flair under the mask as a last ditch idea.

They never explained or talked about the main event after it happened, outside of saying that Flair was under the mask playing mindgames with Sting. It was dropped faster than a Fandango push.

Dick the Bruiser was the special ref for unrelated reasons — the show was part of a celebration of St. Louis wrestling and he had been booked to be special referee due to that.​