Can Reigns Recover?

Reigns has had his legs cut out from under him twice: 1st the concession that he couldn’t win at WM 31, and then the debacle at Survivor Series. Disregarding the fact that he may never be as popular as Vince wants him to be, can he EVER be the top guy realistically? And what, if anything, would it take to do that?

​Realistically, ANYONE can be the top guy if Vince makes him the top guy. Now whether numbers would completely collapse or not once he’s there, is the question. I mean, if Reigns gets the title, it won’t signal the end of the promotion or anything, but he’s not gonna be John Cena. The Survivor Series thing was supposed to make the fans want to see him get the title even more, and I just don’t think that’s the case. Plus Reigns and his crew of cousins taking on the League of Midcarders would have been fine for a Survivor Series match, but as a top program? No buys. They really, REALLY needed to do a heel turn of either Reigns or Ambrose and run with that feud on top, because one of them would have caught fire off that and at the very least made both of them seem like a big deal. ​