Bulldog in 95


After the heel turn toward the end of 95, Bulldog sort of became the de facto top heel in WWF for a little while. Were they entertaining the idea of a run with the belt for him at all and just scrapped it after the disaster of a match with Diesel at IYH, or was his main event push just a way to kill time while they decided what to do next?

On the subject of Davey, could he have been a bigger star if he hadn’t had all of his addiction issues, or did he pretty much hit his potential ceiling either way?

​There were ZERO plans for Bulldog. The HBK train was rolling over everyone no matter what and Bulldog was just there to kill time and hopefully turn him into someone that could main event some shows. Didn’t really work.

And I’d say he already hit his ceiling. He was a top notch tag team wrestler and a solid worker who could be plugged into an occasional main event, and I just don’t see him ever getting the World title even if he was 100% healthy. The closest he would have been was WCW in 1993 and even at that point he was lacking any kind of serious main event charisma or connection with the fans. The heel turn in 95 really energized him because it was something he had never done before, but it just didn’t work on top. ​