RF Video Shoot Interview with Gene Snitsky

This was released in 2009

The interview was hosted by Eric Gargiulo

It runs at one hour and forty-five minutes long



Snitsky says that he became a fan as a kid and continued to watch throughout high school. He added that he could do what the wrestlers were doing on TV in his living room. Snitsky is mumbling here and speaking lowly, making it tough to hear what he is saying. He said that it seemed fun and wanted to give wrestling a shot.



He talks about getting a college scholarship to play football and went to a few NFL training camps. After that, he met up with Samu of Samoan Swat Team and Headshrinkers fame and went to train with Afa the Wild Samoan. Snitsky says he refers to Afa as “Pops” and puts him over.



Snitksy said training was tough as they a lot of bumping and squats among other drills. He then talks about how he was 320 lbs as an offensive lineman in college but during training he had to cut down a bit as you had to deal with 15-20 minute long matches as opposed to plays that last about 5 seconds. He then goes into his football career and he was a two-year starter at Missouri and even invited to the NFL Combine. The San Diego Chargers signed him as a rookie free agent but he tore his shoulder then went up to the Canadian Football League for a bit until he left and trained as a wrestler.



When asked about any crazy college recruiting stories, Snitsky said he visited Temple University but ended up partying throughout the night and missed breakfast the next morning because he was puking in the bathroom.



Snitsky puts over the Northeast Independent scene for being a good place to learn but said a lot of the shows were disorganized. He said you just have to make the most out of your opportunities. Snitsky puts over everyone to helping him reach the WWE.



He now talks about Kevin Kelly met him at Afa’s WXW show but that Afa waited until he was ready before sending in a tape to the WWE. About five months after Afa sent a tape, John Laurinaitis called and he had a dark match in Wilkes Barre, PA against Tommy Suede (another student at WXW who later on signed with the WWE and assigned to Deep South). A few months after that, Snitsky signed a Developmental Deal with the WWE. Before he signed, Snitsky talked about the side jobs he had to pay the bills such as being a bouncer at a strip club and selling replacement windows. The day he signed with the WWE  he had $10 in his bank account. When asked, Snitsky said he always believed he could make it to the WWE, citing that he was tall, muscular, athletic, and charismatic. Plus, he reiterated the fact he could do what the wrestlers on TV were doing and be just as entertaining.



Snitsky was assigned to OVW. He said the first thing the WWE makes you do when starting out in Developmental is to buy a pair of Nike Shox. Jim Cornette and Danny Davis were still running the promotion. Snitsky puts over Cornette for being a great guy and like the “brother he never had” and adds that he is just as twisted as himself. Snitsky tells a story about Cornette flipping out one day at a house show, tossing shit around, and he just left after that in the middle of the show. Snitsky then said Cornette is a great teacher. He was paired up with Mike Mondo, playing his brother. Snitsky said OVW was awesome and had fun with the guys but joked how it would have been better if not in Louisville, KY. Snitksy says Mondo is very underrated and helped him out a lot. His favorite opponent in OVW was Nova (Simon Dean).



He found out about getting called up to the main roster when Nova called him while he was in the store buying another pair of Nike Shox. Initially, he thought it was a rib then Nova said he had to ready and was going  to be involved in a segment with Kane. On Friday, the office called and wanted him to fly into Seattle the following Sunday. Howard Finkel then spoke with him and faxed is itinerary. Snitsky was elated and called his mother to say he was going to be on TV. Snitsky said he got to the arena and shook hands with everyone and waited around for hours until Dean Malenko told him to go to the ring. Snitsky was there with Dean, Vince McMahon, Kane, and Lita and they went over the segment as Snitsky jokes everyone knows what happened after that. When asked, Snitsky said that Kane was really cool and they hit it off instantly. He also said that Lita was always nice to him and always offering help.



On who he traveled with, Snitsky said it was mostly with Nova, Daivari, and Chris Masters at the beginning. When asked if anyone ribbed him on the main roster, he replied that he was tight with Chris Benoit and that no one ever messed with him. Snitsky said he would work out with Benoit before shows and was introduced to him during a tour of Mexico. Benoit was doing squats with Rob Conway, Nova, and Daivari. They asked him to join them in attempting 500 squats. At first, Snitsky didnt think he could do it but he did all 500 then noted how he legs hurt for a week afterwards.



Now, the interviewer asks Snitsky about the Chris Benoit Tragedy. Snitsky says he hates to say it but does not believe that Benoit murdered his wife and kid and that there was more to the story than meets the eye. Snitsky said he would hang out with Benoit and his family after WrestleMania and that he was the ultimate family man. He talks about the news of the incident really hit him hard and still does to this day.



On the writers, Snitsky said that then Head Writer Brian Gewirtz was tricky to work with and a hard guy to have a conversation with. He then adds if you are not one of his guys then you will have difficulty getting your ideas across. When asked about scripted promos and if they are a bad thing, Snitsky said you should touch on bullet points but do not need every single word you say written down. He said that they (the wrestlers) have been doing this for a while and can do it without an entire script.



Snitsky is asked about his angle with Heidenreich. He laughs then says the stranger the better and talks about his own twisted sense of humor.



He talks about Vince McMahon and how he was able to approach and joke around with him. He even went to Vince with his foot fetish character. He talks about how fans would give him rubber feet to sign and some girls wanted him to suck their toes.



Snitsky is asked about several guys and puts them all over for being cool and good to work with.



He loved teaming with Goldust, joking they had more fun than they were allowed. Snitsky tells a story of how they were in some small town in the middle of nowhere and wound up at a country bar then after that, they went to some house party that lasted until 4am.



Snitsky said that Stephanie McMahon worked with him to develop his character, specifically his original character. He talks about HHH and said he had the freedom to do what he wanted to in his matches and angles, making it easy to work with him.



When he got sent over to the ECW brand, Snitsky was initially happy as the impression he got was he’d be pushed as a star over there, along with Bobby Lashley. He got moved over to RAW and said he was told three months prior by Stephanie, who said Vince wanted to move him back to get more exposure because he was doing great in ECW. Snitsky wanted to say in ECW though. In ECW, he put over CM Punk being easy to work with and that they would quickly come up with the matches.



Snitsky said the last six months he was in the WWE he stopped caring what he ate and was just completely miserable there as he had nothing going on at all.



He talks about how he was told to make his teeth yellow and had no idea how to do that. Jan the makeup lady told him to go some place in New York to get the supplies. He did it until he left the company. Snitsky said it was a pain in the ass to put on but easy to come off.



Snitsky tells us a road story. He was traveling with Mike Chioda, Viscera, and Rosey. They were driving to the next town at 3am and Snitsky was behind the wheel. They were somewhere in Florida and instead of going back over a long bridge he got off an exit to head back to town as they were low on gas. However, it ended up being a one-way street and he was going the wrong way and a cop pulled them over. Snitsky told the cop he did this as the car was low on gas, pointing out how the gas light was on, and they were wrestlers for the WWE and needed to make it to the next town. The cop then showed them a back entrance way that led to a gas station.



On the party scene today in the WWE, Snitsky said that when he first started it was a little wild but now guys are afraid of getting suspended as they can get you on any little thing wrong that you did, even mentioning how you cannot even take Sudafed without it being a violation.



He talks about his release from the WWE. Snitsky said he approached Vince after RAW about how he was not being utilized and what to do for that to change as he did not want to just collect a paycheck. Three days later, Laurinaitis called and informed Snitsky he was being released due to the fact the economy was bad and they were making cutbacks. Later, he found out he was the only one who got released. Snitsky wondered if he rubbed Vince the wrong way during the conversation but he left the company with a good taste in his mouth.



On if he would return to the WWE, Snitsky first asks someone off camera for his Muscle Milk before saying its hard to say because you deal with a lot of shit in the WWE. He enjoyed his time there then said he’ll be somewhere. On if Japan contacted him, Snitsky says they are not bringing over a lot of Americans at this time.



Snitsky is currently on his 90 day non-compete clause and enjoys his time off. He said he’ll be somewhere but if he never wrestles again, he’d be okay with that.



He now says that despite internet reports from Rajah.com, he was not at a recent TNA show looking for work but just there to see his old friend Daivari. He also saw other guys he knew like the Dudleys, Kurt Angle, and Kevin Nash. He did say if TNA called and asked if he would do something then he would consider that but he was not at that show with the goal to get a job.



Still talking about his WWE release, Snitsky said he couldnt believe he was released when he had so much to offer, talking about how he is talented and can do anything, but when one door shuts, another one opens as he talks about getting many phone calls afterwards for other opportunities and thanks his time in the WWE because of that.



When asked about if he can make more money outside of the WWE, Snitksy said that he is not making less money now.



On if he would write a book, Snitsky said he would be interested and has a good stories he cannot go into detail here but can in book form.



His favorite match in the WWE was a hardcore match against Chris Benoit. Snitsky said his least favorite to work with was Santino Marella, saying the first time they wrestled was one of the worst matches he ever had. Snitsky said it took them a while before they could put on a decent match.



On his WWE character, Snitsky says he didnt want to be typecasted as a crazy guy as he wanted to eventually branch out into movies and TV.



When asked about critics knocking his work, Snitsky says when someone like Chris Jericho comes up to you and says you should be on TV more, that means much more than some “schmuck who never played a sport in his life” trying to tell him how to wrestle.



At the moment, Snitsky says he is training hard and looking at some new business ventures. He is also spending more time riding his motorcycle.



He talks about liking to spend time with fans as they are the reason they have jobs to begin with. Snitsky closes by telling us to keep an eye out for NWE, a promotion based out of Europe.



Final Thoughts: Snitsky seems like a decent enough guy. However, this interview was dreadfully boring. He was not going to dish any dirt and that is fine but at the same time, Snitsky really didnt provide much insight at all. Everyone was a nice guy with him. I will say one thing about him: he does not lack confidence. Sometimes, it was off-putting in how often he was touting his abilities. At the same time, I have heard other guys come off a lot worse in that regard.

I thought the interviewer did a fine job here though. I am a fan of Gargiulo conducting shoot interviews. He knows how to keep things moving.

Snitsky also has a soft-spoken voice and it does not make for easy listening. He also looked really goofy in his tan Affliction shirt and tan baseball hat. Snitsky does look born to play a heel pro wrestler.

Overall, I do not recommend this interview. There isnt much to take away from this and it struggle to hold my attention.


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