BoD nerd here love it thanks…..

My questions are, in your opinion, what are the chances(not a chance) that Vince can sell out Dallas? What number can he legit hit where he can at least still fabricate & say it’s at least 90% full?

And how is he gonna pack the joint anyway? With this roster, & the potential matches, there’s not enough casual fans, nerds, or curious locals to fill the joint with what he’s potentially offering. What is his ace in the hole, not being Bob Orton Jr?

In my opinion, he legit has to fantasy book, against his will I’m sure. But he needed Bryan somehow in action. HBK one last time? Muta "never in WWE before" for the smarks? Kurt Angle retirement match vs a Jericho type in a decent match or a squash with a Rybeck type? Batista, RVD, Jericho, Dudleyz, Outlaws, Goldberg, Booker T, DDP, Hardys, anybody available with stripes from the Wars.

Then obviously all the big name E players, Lesnar, Orton, Cena, Kane, Taker, Show, HHH, Shield, Wyatts & you know the rest. I think.

Wouldn’t Del Rio v Mysterio (if available) be a decent sell in Texas?

What big name appearances does he need for cheap pops? Austin? Foley? HBK? Flair? Freebirds? Outsiders?

What’s he going to do with all the NxT studs that the Dallas fans are going to demand?

Didn’t he need to book:
Brock v Rock $$$$
Taker v Sting
Cena v Bryan
HHH v Owens? HBK? Rock?

Finally, is Vince legit concerned that Dallas will peak at 65-70%, & that’s with his magic fabrications?

Any thoughts would be appreciated thanks, I’m just so confused about Mania this year, there is no sellout-type roster. Sorry so long, I’m in a waiting room at a doc’s office……waiting.

Wait, was there a question in there?