Best BOOKED matches

Good evening, Scott –

I finally got around to watching the Bayley/Eva Marie match from last week’s NXT, and I have to agree with the sentiment that it was one of the better booked matches in a while – especially when you consider the skill level of Eva. That leads me to my question:

What are some of the best BOOKED matches you can think of, and why? Not ones that are necessarily well wrestled, or are a technical clinic – but ones that you thoroughly enjoyed watching due to how they unfolded? For me, the Jeff Hardy/Undertaker ladder match with Jim Ross’s amazing “Make yourself famous, kid!” call ranks right up there. Any others?

​I think we know my usual selections of great booking/questionable technical matches:

– Pitbulls v. Raven/Richards

– Piper v. Adonis from WM3

– Rick Steiner v. Mike Rotundo from Starrcade 88​

– Cactus Jack/Kevin Sullivan v. Nasty Boys from Slamboree 94