WWF Boston Garden January 9th, 1988

January 9th, 1988

From the Boston Garden in Boston, MA

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon



Iron Mike Sharpe vs. S.D. Jones

Sharpe ducks out and stalls to start the match. He then rubs his forearm support into the face of S.D. and hammers away. S.D. fights back then Sharpe bails outside following an arm drag. S.D. slingshots Sharpe back inside as Sharpe begs for mercy then offers a handshake. S.D. accepts, like a moron, and gets kicked in the gut. S.D. comes back with a leapfrog then dodges an attack from Sharpe. S.D. kicks Sharpe in the midsection as Sharpe bails yet again and heads up the aisle. Sharpe returns to the ring and takes S.D. down with a wristlock then works the arm. S.D. headbutts Sharpe, who gets caught up in the ropes, as S.D. shakes the ropes before landing a few shots. Sharpe finally breaks free then shoves S.D. out of the corner. Sharpe hits a clubbing forearm then chops S.D. against the ropes. S.D. catches a big boot and yanks Sharpe down. S.D. works over the leg then talks to the ref after Sharpe reached the ropes and ends up getting attacked. Sharpe fights out of an arm wringer then chokes S.D. against the ropes. Sharpe gets two with a back elbow smash but tries a turnbuckle smash that fails. S.D. fights back and whips Sharpe into the corner. He headbutts Sharpe a few times and gets a nearfall with a scoop slam. S.D. fires away in the corner then as the ref backs S.D. off, Sharpe pulls something out from his trunks and loads his forearm support before whacking S.D. and getting the win (8:22) 1/2*.

Thoughts: Not much of a match. S.D. appeared to be gassed at the end.



The Conquistadors vs. British Bulldogs

The Bulldogs look at Heenan as they enter the ring as they are pissed over the fact he stole Matilda. Heenan takes off then the match begins with Davey working over #1. Davey presses #1 and tosses him at #2, who entered the ring. Dynamite is in and armdrags the Conquistadors. He then hits #2 with a snap suplex as Gorilla declares that Dynamite is back at 100%. Davey is now the legal man as he works a headlock. Crossbody gets two. Davey applies a chinlock but #1 drags Davey into his corner as the Conquistadors are in cotnrol of the match as they neutralize Davey for a few minutes. DAvey escapes and makes the tag as Dynamite hits a clothesline and a slam. He gets two with a diving headbutt then applies a sleeper until #1 breaks that up from behind. Dynamite gets a nearfall with a small package as #1 also breaks up that pin then #2 tosses Dynamite outside. #1 beats on Dynamite on the floor then rolls him back inside. #2 gets two with a backbreaker before #1 sneaks in for some reason and ends up getting tossed outside after a pin attempt. However, #1 cuts off Dynamite before he was able to make the tag then applies an abdominal stretch with assistance from his partner. The fans try to rally behind Dynamite, who is stuck in a Camel’s Clutch. #2 applies a sleeper but Davey has had enough and breaks that up. #1 sneaks in and works a sleeper on the mat. Dynamite tries a slam but #1 falls on top for two. Dynamite comes back and sends #1 through the ropes with a clothesline but #2 rolls in and starts hammering away on the back of Dynamite, who fights back with a headbutt as both men are down. Dynamite finally crawls over and makes the tag to Davey as he hits a backdrop on #1. Davey runs wild, hitting a delayed vertical suplex and a piledriver before the running powerslam. #2 tries to break that up but accidentally elbows his partner and gets tossed to the floor. Dynamite tags as Davey launches him at #1 with a headbutt and that gets the win (13:55) **.

Thoughts: The Bulldogs did some cool stuff but the heat sequence on them was dreadfully boring.



“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Heenan returns on commentary as Gorilla mocks him for being scared. DiBiase scurries to the corner and ducks between the ropes as Roberts chased himoff. They both trade arm wringers with DiBiase yanking Roberts down by the hair. Roberts returns the favor and floats over on a slam attempt before firing away. DiBiase lands on Damien’s bag then freaks out before going outside. He re-enters and they battle over a test of strength. DiBiase tries to boot Roberts, who counters and attempts the DDT, then immediately retreats to the floor as Roberts taunts him for being very close to hitting the move. Back inside, Roberts works the arm until DiBiase fires away. Roberts comes back with a kneelift and again attempts the DDT but DiBiase manages to escape and talk to Virgil. However, Roberts goes out and rams their heads together. Roberts is back in the ring while Virgil yells at the referee. Roberts goes back outside and dodges an attack by DiBiase then hammers away. Virgil distracts Roberts, who gets attacked by DiBiase when he rolls back into the ring. DiBiase chokes out Virgil then taunts the crowd, who is chanting for Roberts. DiBiase gets two with an elbow smash from the middle rope. He hits a clothesline and taunts the fans again before stomping away. DiBiase now applies a chinlock as Roberts tries to fight out but gets yanked to the mat by his hair. Fans are throwing trash at DiBiase then Roberts comes back to ram DiBiase in the midsection as both men are down. Roberts goes for the snake bag but gets yanked to teh middle of he ring by DiBiase. Roberts is down as DiBiase applies a chinlock but Roberts breaks that up ith a stunner then fires away. Roberts has DiBiase begging for mercy but Virgil attempts to take the snake bag and that distracts Roberts enough for DiBiase to attack him from behind and roll him up grabbing a handful of tights for the win (10:58) ***1/4. After the match, Roberts gets his revenge and ties DiBiase up in the ropes. He pulls out Damien as Virgil runs in for the save but Roberts tosses the snake on him as Virgil freaks out on the mat. They both bail as Roberts leaves with Damien.

Thoughts: Fun match. The story here was that both guys were smart and could resort to anything in order to win the watch but DiBiase’s man advantage in Virgil was too much to overcome. Roberts was awesome as he made the crowd crazy whenever he teased hitting the DDT. Nice to see that he got to give DiBiase & Virgil their comeuppance at the end.



Dino Bravo w/ Frenchy Martin vs. Jerry Allen

Before the match, Martin mumbles in French to taunt Allen. The crowd did not respond to this at all. Heenan leaves as Gorilla taints him about Matilda. Allen barely connects with a dropkick but ducks his head and gets kneed as Bravo takes control. He applies a chinlock and uses an eye rake on Allen when he tried to break free. Bravo hits an inverted atomic drop then gets two with a back suplex. Bravo hits a gutwrench suplex but misses an elbow drop as both men are down. Allen comes back with a crossbody then fires away but eats boot on a charge then bravo puts him away with a side slam (3:36) 1/2*.

Thoughts: Just an extended TV squash match. The Frenchy/Bravo pairing is terrible and Allen is a really bad wrestler himself.



WWF World Heavyweight Title Match: “Ravishing” Rick Rude w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Hulk Hogan (c)

Jimmy Hart has joined Gorilla on commentary for this match. Before the match, Heenan tells off Hogan for thinking he is so strong while putting over Rude for being both a National and International arm wrestling champion. Match starts with Rude shoving Hogan in the corner then getting on the mat as he taunts Hogan into arm wrestling him. The crowd goes nuts as Hogan gains their approval then lowers to the ground. The crowd chants for Hogan and that pisses Rude off. They are on the mat as Rude gains the advantage early in the arm wrestling contest. Hogan then comes back and slams his arm down. Hogan shoves Rude off then knocks him down as the crowd goes nuts. Hogan chops Rude a few times before sending him over the top rope with an atomic drop. Heenan is on the apron and Hogan knocks him down as he is huddling with his client. Rude heads back in the ring as Hogan fires away before working the arm. Rude reverses then yanks Hogan down by the hair a few times. Rude continues to work the arm as Hart wants Hogan to face the Honky Tonk Man with both titles on the line. Hogan returns the favor and yanks Rude down by the hair and fires away. He hits a suplex but misses an elbow drop as Rude is now targeting the back of Hogan’s neck. Hogan blocks a turnbuckle smash and hits one of his won then chases Heenan around but ends up running into Rude. Hogan gets beat up then Rude whacks Hogan with a chair behind the referee’s back. Rude covers as Hogan is able to get his foot on the rope. Rude now works a chinlock then a sleeper as he almost puts Hogan out. Hogan raises his arm before the three count then fires away until Rude catches him with a kick after an Irish whip sequence. Rude then puts Hogan in the backbreaker and Rude thinks that he has won. The referee lets him know that Hogan never gave up so Rude climbs up top and hits a fist drop. Rude signals that its over but only gets a two count as Hogan starts to hulk up. Rude punches away to zero effect as Hogan boots him then hits a corner clothesline. Hogan slams Rude then finishes him with a leg drop (11:40) **3/4. Hogan celebrates after the match but Ted DiBiase and Virgil sneak in from behind. Virgil puts Hogan into the full nelson but the Hulkster fights them both off. DiBiase then whacks Hogan from behind with the belt. DiBiase hits him again in the face as Hogan’s forehead is busted open. DiBiase then lays the belt across Hogan and stands over the champ while Virgil hands him money to drop on top of his face as the fans pelt the ring with trash. A few referees check on Hogan while Hart says that Hogan deserved this for always showboating. Hogan ends up getting helped to the back by a few referees.

Thoughts: Solid match. I loved the arm wrestling spot and thought it was fun. Rude came out of this looking credible and the post-match attack by DiBiase and Virgil was great and added to their feud with Hogan. Rude had a 16:00 long match with the Ultimate Warrior earlier this day at the Philadelphia Spectrum.




WWF Ladies Tag Team Title Match: Jumping Bomb Angels vs. Glamour Girls (c) w/ Jimmy Hart

Heenan is back on commentary. Martin clotheslines Noriyo then yanks her out of the corner. Noriyo somersaults underneath a clothesline and comes back with a dropkick. Itsuki tags but gets backed into the corner as Kai tags into the match. Gorilla notes that Kai moves around quicker since dropping “excess poundage” as Itsuki takes her down with a thump. Kai gets dropkicked then begs Martin to tag back in as she is reluctant to get in the ring. Itsuki takes Martin down with a flying headscissors then works the arm. Noriyo tags and takes Martin down with a Mexican armdarg. Kai gets tagged in as she lands a few kicks and tries a fireman’s slam but Noriyo lands on her feet and applies an octopus hold. Martin comes in and Itsuki also puts her in an octopus hold. The Jumping Bomb Angels work over the legs of Kai for a bit. Itsuki hits a suplex but Kai comes back with a clothesline then tags out. Martin tosses Itsuki around before stomping away in the corner. Kai tags and gets two off of a dropkick but gets tossed coming off of the top rope. Itsuki tries to make the tag but the Glamour Girls knock her partner off of the apron. However, Itsuki ducks an attack and the Glamour Girls collide then Noriyo tags in and cleans house. She hits Martin with a missile dropkick and slingshots Kai into the ring and knocks her down. Martin ends up yanking Noriyo down by the hair from the apron. Itsuki runs in as the ref orders her back to the apron, allowing Martin to hit a front suplex then Kai covers as the ref turns around and counts to three (10:56) ***.

Thoughts: Good match as the Jumping Bomb Angels are impressive in everything that they do. Noriyo in particular stood out. And the Glamour Girls did a fine job themselves in their role. I also liked how they told a story that the Glamour Girls did not even want to get into the ring with the Bomb Angels due to their innovative and high impact offense.



Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake

Before the match, Beefcake gets a “haircut” chant going while speaking through a paper cone. They slug it out in the corner to start as Beefcake wins that. Beefcake drops an elbow then shortly after that hits an atomic drop. Beefcake continues to fire away but Valentine comes back as these two are now brawling on the mat. Beefcake beats on Valentine in the corner but gets decked when the ref steps between them as the Hammer takes control. Valentine works a chinlock then softens up the leg. Valenitne tries to slap on the figure four but Beefcake pushes him off each time. Beefcake hits a running elbow smash then they slug it out for a bit. Beefcake knocks Valentine down then signals for the sleeper but uses clubbing forearms instead. Valentine fights back but misses a charge in the corner as Beefcake locks on the sleeper. Beefcake pulls Valentine to the center but rams him into the corner then they brawl outside of the ring. Beefcake rolls Valentine back inside then gets hit by Hart as Beefcake gets counted out (8:02) **. After the match, Valentine beats on Beefcake while Hart grabs the scissors. Valentine has them but Beefcake grabs his arm then they fight over the scissors as Beefcake ends up with them. Valentine ducks out but Hart is trapped but narrowly escapes. Beefcake then twirls around Hart’s jacket and ends up cutting it up while fans pelt Hart and Valentine with garbage.

Thoughts: Average match as it was designed to continue their feud. The fans loved Beefcake as the barber gimmick continues to be a success.



WWF Tag Team Title Match: Hart Foundation w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Strike Force (c)

Match starts with Bret beating on Martel in the corner. Martel floats over and armdrags Bret, who rolls outside to take a breather. Back inside, Martel works a hammerlock on the mat. He gets two with a reverse rollup before applying an armbar. Santana tags as Bret gets hit with a double punch then Santana works a hammerlock on the mat. He then slams Bret before applying an armbar. Neidhart tags in as Santana hits him with a crossbody for two. Martel tags and works the arm of Neidhart but after a leapfrog, he flies over the top rope when Bret pulled down the ropes. Bret roughs up Martel on the floor then the Hart Foundation take control using illegal heel tactics. Martel hits a desperation forearm smash but Bret is able to tag in an hit an inverted atomic drop. Neidhart tags and charges but runs into a double boot. Neidhart grabs a front facelock as Bret comes in and pulls Martel closer to the Hart Foundation corner. Santana breaks up a pin attempt but after that Hart chokes out Martel on the mat. The Hart Foundation continue to cut off the ring until Bret and Martel collide. Both guys are down on the mat then their partners come in as Neidhart puts Bret on top of Martel while the ref was with Santana but that does not get the win. Santana tags but the ref did not see it as he orders Santana back on the apron. Neidhart whips Bret into the corner but Martel moves out of the way and backdrops Neidhart to the floor. Martel then makes the tag to Santana, who runs wild. He hits Bret with the flying forearm as Neidhart breaks up the pin. Hart then tosses Neidhart the megaphone as he whacks Santana but the ref saw that and signals for the bell as this is ruled a DQ in favor of Strike Force (12:18) **1/2.

Thoughts: Decent match but nothing you haven’t seen before from the Hart Foundation. Strike Force wasn’t over that much but the crowd got into Santana’s hot tag. This also continues their feud.



Final Thoughts: I thought this was a fun house show. The second half really picked up and they had strong angles and some excellent workers up and down the card. For a house show, especially of the non-MSG variety, this was quite strong. I would definitely recommend seeking this show out.