Feuds that Killed

I was re-reading your MITB 2011 rant and thought back on how heavy of a push ADR was getting in 2010-2011. We all know the accomplishments he hit going into the fall, but his feud with Cena literally killed everything WWE had done for him and he never recovered. Quite frankly, I don’t think he ever can.

And it wasn’t just that he "lost’ the feud. It was the verbal stripping that Cena did to the guy week in and week out for a month or two that totally de-legitimized any sort of credibility that ADR had built, and that WWE had built for him.

I know this has happened with Cena before, somewhat similarly with Wyatt and Rusev. Even though I think with the type of characters those guys have, i.e.: inherently "evil" and monster big-man, they can be pushed as legitimate threats should WWE choose to do so. But my question is what other guys have totally had their entire characters, and possibly careers, killed and left for dead by an angle or by another wrestler?

​Well, Roddy Piper basically killed off the Adrian Adonis character for example, but that was intentional because Adonis wanted out anyway. And it was a different time. ​