Does experience matter anymore?


Mick Foley is the latest veteran to come out and blast WWE on their flaws. I listen to a fair few podcasts and he, along with Jim Cornette, Kevin Sullivan, and to a lesser extent Jim Ross & Steve Austin have all had harsh things to say about today’s shitty product.

Why aren’t they being listened to? Surely their opinions and experience matters? It can’t be as easy as "they don’t work here, so we don’t need to listen to ’em"… that’d be really petty and shortsighted.

​Yeah, that doesn’t sound like Vince at all. Don’t forget Batista also came out and said what a bunch of dolts that they were as well. And Austin, on his podcast, right to Vince’s face, said he was wasting Cesaro’s talents and Vince basically shrugged him off and ignored it. They don’t care and they somehow think they know better than the people who drew all that money for them in the first place. ​