The SmarK Rant for World Class Championship Wrestling–01.08.83

The SmarK Rant for WCCW – 01.08.83

Taped from Dallas, TX

Your host is Bill Mercer

I’m probably going to cycle between this show, WCW, Prime Time Wrestling and 97 RAW, since those seem to be the popular choices for what to review.

So yeah, Kerry Von Erich got SCREWED out of the NWA World title by the Freebirds last time, and people are unhappy about that.

Brian Adias v. Buddy Roberts

Brian Adidas has mysteriously changed to Brian Adias this week, which is weird because he didn’t do that on a permanent basis for another couple of years. They do some energetic headlock exchanges on the mat and Roberts bails to escape a fair fight. Back in, Roberts clobbers him with a cheapshot in the corner and goes to work on the arm. Funny to hear Roberts described as the “newest Freebird”, back when he was just a young buck apparently. Buddy holds an armbar and he’s somehow cut his knee open from taking a bump. He manages to egregiously cheat while basically doing nothing, and that’s pretty awesome, and finally Adias gets all fired up and can’t take no more. O’Connor roll gets two out of the corner, and Roberts misses a blind charge to allow Adias to make the comeback. They slug it out and once again Roberts runs away from a fair fight, so Adias drops a knee on him for two. Roberts with a neckbreaker for two and a backbreaker for two, and he drops an elbow for two before Adias gets a sunset flip as time expires at 10:00. Roberts wants more of a fight, and Adias obliges, so Roberts runs away. Pretty fun little match. **1/2

Meanwhile, in the secret Freebird hideout, Michael Hayes has a giant Confederate flag hanging on his wall. OH MY GOD HE MUST BE A TERRORIST OR SOMETHING. Bill Mercer tries to find out what the deal with turning on Kerry was, and the Freebirds all clarify that they’re just looking out for their best interests and tired of putting up with shit from the Von Erichs. This ended up really annoying because they had to overdub music over whatever was playing in the background and it ruined the sound mix.

Michael Hayes v. Al Madril

Hayes is in full stalling mode and the crowd is MOLTEN against him. He runs away from a headlock and people are just screaming at him at ringside. Madril finally catches him up and slugs away, but lingers too long in the corner and gets hammered down. He quickly comes back as Hayes bumps all over like a rodeo clown and people are just losing their shit for it. Hayes finally pokes him in the eye and chokes him down, then goes to a chinlock and lays out Madril with a cheap hit to the back and a piledriver, and then continues beating on Madril until finally Jose Lothario can take no more of this bullshit and attacks Hayes for the DQ at 7:00. Nothing as a match, but the reactions to Hayes have to be seen to be believed. *

$5000 Elimination match: Kerry Von Erich, Andre the Giant & Bugsy McGraw v. Terry Gordy, King Kong Bundy & Wild Bill Irwin

This was advertised like a six-man but it’s actually a battle royale. Kerry immediately attacks Gordy because wins and losses MATTER and he’s pissed about losing his shot at the title. Michael Hayes immediately distracts Kerry and Gordy tosses him out for the first elimination, and the Freebirds/Von Erich brawl is on. The refs drag Kerry out of the ring and Andre chokes Gordy down in retaliation, while Bundy tosses Bugsy out. So that leaves all three heels against Andre, and I’m still not liking their chances. Andre just hangs onto Gordy’s throat while the other heels try to break it up, but Andre just won’t let go. Andre just keeps throttling Gordy while Irwin dives on his back and Andre just swats him down like a bug. That was pretty funny. Irwin constantly getting beat up by a distracted Andre is never not great, especially his sell of the headbutt. Finally these three brain surgeons manage to triple-team Andre, but he just shrugs them off and goes right back to beating up Gordy. They keep swarming him and he finally goes down after Irwin beats on him while Bundy & Gordy hold his arms. This is going to end very badly for Irwin. And indeed, Wild Bill gets cocky and runs into Andre’s boot and goes flying out of the ring off an atomic drop. And Andre’s had enough and throws Gordy out through the ropes, then chases the Freebirds out of the arena by eliminating himself. So we’re left with the weird finale of Bundy v. Gordy and it’s now a pinfall situation. Bundy misses the Avalanche and Gordy dropkicks him out to a chorus of boos for the win at 12:00. Andre the Giant beating the hell out of Terry Gordy for ten minutes straight was entertaining enough to carry the match, but there wasn’t much here from a technical standpoint, to say the least.

Next week: Brian Adias v. Terry Gordy and the Kevin Von Erich v. King Kong Bundy match from Star Wars!