Shawn and Owen

Hi Scott,

It’s obviously well known the animosity & hatred that grew between Shawn Michaels & Bret Hart in the mid-90s, but what was the relationship like between Shawn & Owen Hart?

What was it like before the Shawn/Bret rivalry? During? And what was it like just after Montreal? I know a job’s a job, and Owen stayed for that reason, but how did he feel working with Shawn & co. just after Bret leaving?

​Obviously Shawn was fine working with Owen before Montreal because they had great matches and did business based on the head kick angle in 95. Afterwards Owen was promised the big run with Shawn if he came back, but Shawn apparently didn’t trust him and had the program moved down to HHH instead. I don’t think there was any personal animosity on Owen’s part towards D-X, as it mostly seemed to be a job to him. Owen really was never the kind of guy to hold a grudge, from everything I’ve read about him. ​