Original plans?

We know the WWE seems to leave money on the table but not having natural conclusions. With that in mind what were the original plans for:
1. The Awesome Truth? Yes they lost to Rock and Cena. Then R-Truth was set to be suspended so Miz turned on him. Was there going to be more to the team?
2. Cesaro and Paul Heyman? One day they are together and the next day they are "just friends." No blow up. Just a break up.
3. Santino and the Honk-a-Meter? Holy goodness that was entertaining and just when it started to get going Santino lost the belt.

That is all.

​1. Nope. They just wanted a team to build up and lose to the Rock/Cena duo. Which was even more infuriating because of the whole "Awesome Truth are so dangerous that we’re staging a sit-in" angle that also went nowhere.

2. That was just an idea they had and then got bored with, like they always do with Cesaro.

3. See #2. Except not with Cesaro.​