Best (non-Bret v. Owen) Wrestlemania Opener

> I watch a ton of WWE Network on my tablet while I’m on the treadmill. If I’m in a PPV mood, my go-to events are usually Wrestlemanias (usually the most enjoyable out of context). Of those, I find myself gravitating toward WM XXX (the event that got me back into wrestling after not watching since 2004) and, especially, Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H.
> Is that the best Wrestlemania opening match that didn’t feature Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart? Or did I miss something even more entertaining? And am I childish for getting chills from that Imagine Dragons video package for Bryan-HHH?

No, it was definitely a good video package.

Just thinking about it and Rockers-Faces of Fear from 7 was really good and underrated. Rey vs Mattitude from 19 was also really good. Rey vs Eddie from 21 SHOULD have been the best ever, but wasn’t.

So yeah, go with Bryan vs HHH as the runner up.