Test and Stephanie Wedding

Hey Scott. It’s 16 years to the day since the Test and Stephanie Wedding that change everything. So of course I watched in the Network and had a couple of questions I hope you answered.

Now I know Russo was gone by this stage,but hadn’t he said he had written storylines up to the wedding? If so, was the HHH twist his idea? If not, any idea what he had planned?
What makes me think Russo had nothing written was the whole Bulldog trashcan to the head angle to delay things. Would that sound more accurate?

Obviously now the angle was successful and we know how it shaped the future of the company,but at the time, was this just a simple quick ratings ploy, cause even if Russo in WCW wasn’t much of match there ratings were slightly up.
And was the HHH twist an​ ​
obvious one at the time and just seemed a a tad silly but probably didn’t work till Stephanie turned heel?

​The HHH storyline was the brainchild of Chris Kreski, the genius writer who took over with storyboards and long-term scripting. Russo’s idea had been for Bulldog to interrupt the wedding and do a feud with Test based off that, and then when Russo left they came up with the amnesia bit to buy time and delay the wedding until they had a resolution. ​It was definitely not obvious at the time — speculation was running rampant on the ‘net and people lost their shit when they pulled that one out and it actually WORKED. It was less of a ratings ploy than a swing for the fences to get HHH over. And it turned out that in both regards it was a giant success. HHH would have been over as a heel with or without the Steph turn, but what THAT did was take him from main event heel to "tippy top guy" in one night and suddenly made him so hot as a heel that they had to put the World title on him immediately or risk losing the momentum for good. This is one time where they were totally justified in pushing someone to the moon at exactly the right time, and it worked out perfectly.

Compare and contrast with Roman Reigns as you wish.