The Writers

Hell Scott,

Managed to catch part of Smackodwn and Sheamus and Reign’s promos. Not very inspired and screamed out to me that they were written. If they weren’t they can do better.

My question is this: why do they have writers for promos? Wouldn’t it cut costs to have the wrestlers or someone already there doing them instead? With one of the positive aspects of Republicanism being "self-sufficiency" why doesn’t Vince embrace this principle? How are they going to learn to improv promos when they give them scripts? Shouldn’t your star have the mind for the business by default and aren’t you undermining that whole process by having writers for their promos?

​Well, yes, of course. Vince loves self-sufficiency, but what he loves even MORE is being a micro-managing control freak. And the problem is that Vince has gotten into the mindset of being a "TV Show" and for that you need 29 writers, because reasons. ​