Irish Whip DOES WORK (for real)


The Irish Whip does work as a shoot, Having been trained, I can tell you that one of my most sever concussions was in a match as a result of hitting my head from being whipped into a corner WAY TOO HARD by my "opponent" which caused me to it the corner way faster and harder than I could properly back bump off of. WHAM! Hit the back of my head so hard on th canvas that I simultaneously Dreamt a dream about Rainbow Bunnies AND called the rest of the match to the finish. After we were done, I drove to my apartment… that I lived in 2 years prior. I have literally never been fucked up in a wrestling match as bad as I was by a simple Irish Whip. In a shoot sense, the initial jerk at the wrist is to disable the opponents BALANCE, Then the initiator SHOVES THE SHIT out of the opponent which can actually be good for a few steps before the opponent can successfully stop their momentum. In "WCW-sized" rings, the irish whip would totally work as a purely offensive maneuver.

Running the ropes, on the surface, appears to not make any sense until you think about it this way: How often do you charge and attempt to find a position of attack in the old Smackdown or No Mercy games? In Kayfabe terms, the wrestler running the ropes or charging a turnbuckle is AWARE that they choosing not to stop their momentum, in an attempt to turn the tide and charge BACK towards the opponent. Its less effort to keep running than to try to stop yourself and have your back turned to your opponent.

Just saying,

​Well, if you’re just saying…