Moves that make no sense.

Scott, your winner of the loser leaves the BOD match here.

I’m on a wrestling video game kick lately, and I’ve been thinking about moves that make no sense. Not just moves that are that stupid, but moves that seem like the guy doing them is taking more damage than the guy taking them. A few examples.

Flatliner\Downward Spiral: I always thought it looked cool, but in slow-mo, Kanyon\Edge are really giving themselves a half-ass Rock Bottom. And really, this probably applies to a standard Russian Legsweep, the guy doing the move is taking the brunt of it. He’s just throwing himself on his back and the guy taking it is using the guy doing it as a crash pad.

The Blockbuster: I have to imagine that took more out of Buff than whoever he hit it on.

The flying headbutt: This obviously went a lot better for the guy taking it than the guy most known for doing it, never mind his wife and kid. But it always looked dumb to me. Yeah, he just just smashed his head into my chest from the top, and it would hurt like hell, but I’m not the one that just did a headfirst dive into something. Something tells me I’d be better off there.

There’s a couple more I’m forgetting, but I’m sure you know a few more. Any ideas?

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