Hey Keith yada yada yada……

More of an opinion question here, about another genuine reboot, like the very first stages of the Attitude Era.

The roster now has a slight resemblance, a bunch of very hungry guys who aren’t necessarily big name superstars, but do have very exploitable experience, some fan support & who have actually paid their dues one way or another.

The influx & in certain cases the rise of certain guys starting in say 1995-1996 like Foley, Austin, Goldust, Shamrock, Pillman, HHH, Rock, DX, NoD, Hart Foundation…..all guys the company would revolve around during their most successful financial run in years, with the big names sprinkled in like Taker, Kane, Hart, Sid & HBK, to keep the needle moving.

I see many parallels to the current roster with talent, hunger, and most importantly a fan base that is desperate for more, and desperate for a better product.
Rybeck, Cesaro, Rusev, Neville, Balor, Ziggler, Itami, Zayn, Wyatts, Ambrose, Rollins, Crews, Reigns, Barrett, Owens…….this is a roster that is very similar. A bunch of younger guys ready to break the mold. This is a group of guys that could make me tune back in, watching them all battle to win the WHC for the first time. And again, until they prove a draw, we have guys like Lesnar, Cena, Sheamus, Show, Kane, Jericho, Dudleyz & Orton to balance out some star power.
Does this group at any point have the star power to sustain Raw moving forward? Will Vince give these guys a LEGIT chance to make a name for themselves? Can the landscape change with a completely new roster? Like get away from the drab PG bullshit, not a full on T n A bloodbath, but back to anything can happen, exciting, fun programming? When can I start watching again? This shit’s just getting old, like watching the Sabres mash the Maple Leafs.

Watching the Leafs get mashed never gets old.

And the thing is that no one IS desperate. As we’ve established before, they have a very stable and self-sustaining business model set up, one that doesn’t punish stupidity but doesn’t reward risk either. It’s a safe, dependable PG product that just happens to be jettisoning viewers at an alarming rate, but isn’t losing money overall. It makes for a tough sell when you’re trying to find wholesale changes and there’s not really any financial reasons to justify it. Hence John Cena for 10 years on top, because he still sells tickets and t-shirts.

What the world really needed was TNA to not be such fuckups, but that train has sailed long ago.