Hollywood Heel Rock = Greatest short-term gimmick ever?


Did anyone crush a gimmick in a short span of time better than Hollywood Heel Rock?

There’s so many great moments he was a part of that it’s easy to forget he only had that gimmick for three months before taking off for Hollywood and eventually coming back as a babyface. But you think of things like the Toronto promo, the gloriously self-indulgent entrance, the Rock Concerts (even causing Austin to corpse in his truck when he was supposed to be pissed off) and the wonderful WMXIX capper to the Austin/Rock feud. Along the way, he put over guys that Triple H spent the last few months (and the months after) going out of his way to Pedigree down the card; Booker was the one who eliminated The Rock on RAW on the way to the WMXIX title shot and The Rock showed a bunch of metaphorical ass to Hurricane backstage before giving him a clean, albeit Goldberg-distracted, win on his way out.

It’s a bit easier to forgive the duds he had with Hogan and Goldberg when you remember the time he owned Hogan "via satellite" ("Can you just skip to the part where you rip the shirt and you do the WHATCHAGONNADO BROTHER RACKLERACKLERACKLERACKLE?") and the coked up Backlash promo before the Goldberg match where he inexplicably told Terri the only thing he had never done was "make a white baby!"

Is there any 3 or even 6 month stretch where a wrestler was as on-point with a specific limited-time persona as Hollywood Rock?

​So you’re wondering if I, world’s biggest Rock fan, would say that Rock was the best at something? Yes, yes I would.

Although Hollywood Batista in 2010 was pretty close. Talking ALL the shit and then going out and getting his ass beat in every blowoff was tremendous, and his turn on Rey Mysterio was one of the best ever. ​