World Championship Wrestling content dump!

Oh man, the WWE Network gods have blessed me and it’s a massive dump of World Championship Wrestling episodes, and now my wrestling OCD is kicking in and I don’t even know where to start.  I’m like…

The WWE 24/7 run (at least as long as I was subscribing) ran from August ‘85 to October ‘86, and the Network collection thus far is November ‘85 all the way into 1987 and rapidly expanding.  So I can go back and fill in some gaps for shows that were missed along the way, or I can just start where I left off in the buildup to Starrcade ‘86, or I can go back a bit and repost some stuff from the end of the previous run to get everyone caught up again…SO MANY CHOICES.  SO MUCH DAVID CROCKETT.

I’m so fucking excited right now.  I literally can’t wait to start reviewing this show again.  Midnight Express squashes and Ric Flair promos ALL DAY LONG, baby.