Workers Getting Over

Listening to Austin talk about Samoa Joe, Steve said that the agents and such backstage kept telling him to do what he was doing in the ring. and he would get over. Looking at the guys who have gotten over the last few years (Rollins,Ambrose, Cesaro, Bryan, Punk, Owens, even Rusev and Wyatt), all of them are above average in-ring performers and don’t have the action figure physique the WWE tends to love. Is it that hard for Vince to see what gets people over or has HHH picked up on this and is building his own cache of stars in NXT that can get over in the ring?

​Vince gonna Vince. He could have had Samoa Joe way sooner and just couldn’t get over the physique, and he almost always dismisses guys for being too small or too skinny. As he gets older it only gets worse, which is why he’s got horse blinders on about Reigns and we’re going to get this push come hell or high water, since no one else looks the part in his mind. And it’s ironic because it’s arguably the time when this stuff matters LEAST, since the revenues from the Network are in theory coming from personality-based stuff like the training show and the stupid show about people in cars, or Austin’s podcasts. You’d think you’d want people with good promos and personality first to carry those things. ​