Individual Match Rants


Since I’m such a rant mark (I save them all, update them, sort then chronologically by company), I was wondering what you thought of this idea. I was watching the TLC match between Punk & Jeff Hardy at Summerslam ’09 because it was on the Network feed a while ago, and I went to look at the rant and realized you never did that full show, just a couple matches from it, and not that one. Then it hit me…what about some individual match or angle rants as a regular or semi-regular feature?

I know you don’t have much time anymore what with a family and all, and there are certainly loads of shows ain’t nobody got time for to sit through anymore, but what about just picking an individual match or angle to do a rant on once a week or whatever? Just whatever you feel like watching for 10-20 mins, rather than try to find the time to watch & transcribe a 2+ hour show. Mull it over, maybe.


And Huss to you too.

I don’t hate the idea.  I did a similar thing with 24/7 back in the day.  Was there particular stuff that the blog is clamoring for that’s on the Network?