Simple question

I’ve been watching wrestling for 30 years and like most, don’t like the product but watch it out of habit perhaps loyalty.

How do you feel about it and why do you still watch?

​Well I mean I don’t watch the weekly TV shows and basically just keep up via recaps and the YouTube "Top 10 things that happened on RAW" videos that tend to be really well done, plus people immediately e-mailing me to bitch about how terrible RAW was on a given week. Typically the stories are so vapid that you can follow things just fine by watching just the PPVs and reading recaps of RAW. In general I have no strong feelings towards anyone on the roster in particular that would drive me to watch on a regular basis​. That being said, if RAW wasn’t so fucking long I could probably still recap it without much of a problem. Overall, the roster is a just a bunch of guys and I like some (Brock, New Day, Ambrose mostly) and dislike some and don’t care about 90% of the rest. I do the PPV coverage because people enjoy it and it puts food on the table, but I could quite easily go months without paying any attention to the current product and just watching NXT or old shows on the Network. And in some cases I have done just that. But I mean, I enjoy watching the PPVs just fine because I love wrestling, it’s not like it’s any great chore to do that. RAW was a chore and I quit, but what I do now is totally fine for me.