Suppose Vince and co. decided not to take the belt off of Hogan in ’88, but were determined to ride the Hulkamania wave until it finally fizzled out. How much longer do you think his reign could have lasted? Another two or three years? Longer/shorter? As most casual Rock ‘n Wrestling-era WWF fans had never known anyone else as champion and most Bruno/Backlund-era holdovers were accustomed to lengthy reigns, I can’t imagine TOO many people (outside of dirtsheet circles) getting all that rankled at the time. Thoughts?

​Oh yeah, Vince could have ridden that horse all the way until 1991, at which point the business changed drastically due to steroids anyway. Especially in 88 there were no signs that Hogan’s drawing power was dropping. Really, given that the Savage and Warrior reigns were just shadowed by Hulk anyway, you could have easily justified keeping the belt on him all that time as one long run. ​