Has Vince gone fully senile?

Triple H and Vince actively fighting over turning Reigns heel, Cesaro leading the WWE.com voting for who should win the title by a considerable margin with 40% of the votes. Even fan favorite Ambrose with only 19%. And this is the mostly mark section of the fan base that participates in wwe.com polls I might add. Is Vince that out of touch with what his own fans want? Or does he just not care?

I know you’re not an American football fan but this reminds me of the last few seasons of the Oakland Raiders when Al Davis was still alive. Davis had a lot in common with Vince in how they ran their companies. And he was pretty set on what he thought made a successful football team. Toward the end it was clear that most of his decisions weren’t rational and only made sense in his mind. So Raider fans were resigned to the fact the team didn’t have a chance to be successful until he died. And sure enough a few years after his death they are finally competitive again.

It seems like Vince doesn’t even care about what’s "best for business" to use a clichéd term they came up with. He just wants to force his ideas and only push the guys that he likes. Everything else be damned. To the detriment to the company and wrestlers involved.

Turning Ziggler or Ambrose would just piss everyone off. It would probably make people dislike Reigns even more. Which is completely unfair to Reigns. Its not his fault that Vince is forcing this. In fact I would wager Reigns receives his biggest face pop if he turns heel. Not to mention Ambrose turning heel makes absolutely no sense and goes against everything he’s built with this character.

Now I’m not 100% sold on HHH and Steph’s decision making. They have their own track record of choices that benefited themselves more than the company (50/50 booking, the switching from heel to face each week to suit their own needs, Steph cutting the balls off of every male talent on TV, just because; the destruction of over guys: see CM Punk, Zack Ryder etc.

But at least Hunter understands and appreciates wrestling and giving the fans what they want.

Do you think all their creative meetings consist of everyone sitting around saying, "This is what Vince wants. How can we spin this so the fans shit on it the least?"

​Let’s not give HHH too much credit again, since he’s been the #2 guy in charge of this flaming trainwreck for years now, but it really does seem like Vince overrules a lot of stuff and actively doesn’t care about the fanbase anymore, yes. ​