TNT II – Thursday Night Thread

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the Thursday Night Thread, right here on the Blog of Doom. I’m your host, the Streets Ahead level 6 Laser Lotus, Extant 1979. We’ve got a night chock full of action.

Over in the NFL, Thursday Night Football features… Jacksonville and Tennessee? That’s… something, I guess. Smackdown is the go-home show for Sunday’s Survivor Series, where we will all have to get on the Reigns Train.

And in the Main Event, my good, personal friend Bobby has put together a November playlist to remember. We’ll start watching part 1 at 8 p.m. and you can see all of that by clicking RIGHT HERE!

Part II will be featured as part of the Streets Ahead Saturday Night’s Main Event! Stay tuned and have at it.


And one more thing, please DO NOT spoil any results from the NXT tapings tonight in this thread. All spoilers will be deleted. Thank you (Bayless).