Mistake to have all the prelims on the Raw’s leading up to Survivor Series?

Hi Scott

Hope all is well with you and the family

Do you think they should have gone all WM IV/Deadly Game with this
tournament have a 14 man tournament with everything all happening in the
same night as opposed to having the tournament itself start on Raw?

Doesn’t it kind of limit the storytelling if you do it the way they have?

It just seems to have more story potential to me

You could give someone like Kevin Owen a bye to the Quarter Finals, so he
only has to win 2 matches to get to the Final itself, where as Reigns has
had to win 3

You could have The Authority give Reigns a bye, which could tease the
possibility that he’s turned, but Ambrose could be forced in at the first
round, only to maybe get a sloppy DQ win over Sheamus or Big Show which
could later be explained away as an Authority fix if you turn Ambrose heel

You could have someone like Cesaro go down in the Semi Finals but beat 2
guys on the way so he at least comes out of the tournament with something

You could have The Authority deliberately stack one of the blocks with all
the Babyfaces while Del Rio gets chumps in his block

I just think it would have been better to have done it that way than the
way they have

I hope Reigns wins and stays face btw. It’s almost getting to the point now
where the only swerve would be not to do a swerve

The bigger issue for me, besides the boring tournament structure, is that you’re beating both your IC and US champions on the way to the finals. You take them out of play for title matches at the PPV, they both lose in the same night, and the guy who is supposed to the challenger to Del Rio (Jack Swagger) isn’t even considered good enough to ENTER the tournament.

But you’re right, literally anything different would have been more interesting than what we got — a bunch of guys half-heartedly competing for a title that has once again been marginalized.