Finishing Move Names

Scott –
Random question here, but I’ve been thinking about names for finishers lately, and they generally seem to fit one of two types:
1) simple description of what the move is, used no matter who does it (figure 4, sleeper, choke slam, etc)
2) different names for the same move based on the guy who uses it (camel clutch/Steiner recliner, rock bottom/bookend, RKO/diamond cutter, etc)
The DDT though…that’s the one move I can think of that was clearly named for the original user (Jake), but hasn’t ever changed no matter who does it. Granted, it’s not even a finisher any more, but is that move unique in that sense, or am I just too lazy to think of another example?

I can name the Stungun (Stunning Steve Austin) and Snake Eyes (Vinnie Vegas) and Fameasser (Billy Gunn) just off the top of my head for finishers that have since become de-trademarked, and I’m sure there’s tons of others.  You could also argue the tombstone, but that was already called a tombstone piledriver before Undertaker started using it and it was just a happy coincidence that it worked so well for his finisher.