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WWE Switching Plans on Who Will Leave Survivor Series as the World Champion?

Although the company originally planned for Roman Reigns to walk out of the Survivor Series as the WWE Champion, there has been a big push within the company over the past few days for Dean Ambrose to become the WWE World Champion instead. PWInsider also notes that while many people within the WWE want Ambrose to win its Vince McMahon who makes the final call.



Backstage Heat on Current WWE Diva

After tweeting about how she was bullied by Paige then deleting it there is now more heat on Lana. The company website was told to turn it into an angle as a way to cover it up and make it seem like a storyline. Lana already has heat within the company after he engagement went public, causing the WWE to cancel her storyline with Lana and Summer Rae.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter



WWE Becoming More Aggressive in Contacting Talent in Both RoH and Lucha Underground

The WWE has been aggressively contact all of the top wrestling talents in both of those companies, regardless of look and size, because the plan is to load up on talent for NXT as they want to add more top workers to the brand in early 2016 as they plan to tour more extensively under a WWE-branded and production-type show with the main event-level matches on par to what you would see in RoH.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter



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