Twitter Feuds

Kevin Owens, one of the top heels and a guy people thought could be a breakout star like Stone Cold Steve Austin just blocked Sabrina The Teenage Witch on Twitter because she called him lazy!?!?!!

Then other WWE stars come to his defense and blocked Sabrina the Teenage Witch too, making Owens look like an even bigger bee with an itch for needing his buddies to help shame a former teenage Nickelodeon actress!

Then Lana, a potential breakout star last year tried to troll Ronda Rousey after she lost a real fight by comparing it to Rusev losing his winning streak and then a few days later accuses one of the other divas of bullying and they get in a twitter feud which may or may not be a work but won’t draw money either way.

We’ve come a long way from the attitude era and it all about sums up why I hate wwe in 2015.

​Remember when Dean Ambrose was in NXT and got into a Twitter war with Mick Foley, and creative seemingly propped up their feet on the desk and were like "Well, our work is done!" and then everyone forgot about their whole feud literally two days later?

For a company that is obsessed with social media, they have literally never drawn a dime off it. ​