Survivor Series matches


Due to the tournament, As of the last Raw before Survivor Series they currently have the 3 tourney matches, the DIVAs match and the horribly booked BOD/Wyatts match for the ppv.

You think they’ll fluff out the card with a few Survivor Series matches? Sheamus/Barrett/New Day vs. Cesaro/Neville/Ryback/Usos works great, I’d think. They can even do another one with Ziggler/Lucha Dragons/Dudleys vs. Breeze/Miz/Stardust/Ascension…

​I think New Day v. Usos is pretty much assumed to be happening, but still hasn’t been announced yet. And then one lengthy midcard geek elimination match (Ziggler/Cesaro/Neville/Ryback v. Breeze/Sheamus/Barrett/Miz) and that’s enough to muddle through a 3 hour show with. ​